• EpicMode

    About Us

    Epicmode is a disruptive project for the Fashion Industry

    Fashion and Textiles is the world's 2nd largest industry ($2.3T USD per year in 2015), 2nd largest polluter, and the largest user of child and indentured labor. Change will not happen from within in the conservative Fashion industry. New processes, workflows, and tools designed specifically for change are required.

    EpicMode redefines garment production from design through manufacturing,for physical and digital products. EpicMode maximizes creative possibilities by integrating 2D, 3D, and Virtual Reality. Our suite of tools enhance creativity, reduce lead times, eliminate Victorian pseudo-science, and enable collaborative re-sizable patterns. We incorporate circuit layout, use of new tech fabrics, and enable efficient design fashion tech clothing. We connect physical products directly to digital products.

    Multiple industries can benefit from EpicMode's 3D and VR design, production, and publication features. EpicMode's single solution end-to-end workflow can create custom-sized digital clothing for use in film, gaming and animation, and online sales. Changes made in Virtual Reality autopopulate to production patterns, online catalogs, and asset libraries.